Our Beautiful Lake District

On 9 July 2017 the Lake District was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site joining such places as Hadrian’s Wall and the Taj Mahal and receiving international acclaim as a world-class cultural landscape.

The criteria used when selecting World Heritage Sites are quite specific and focus on the definition of outstanding universal value. The Lake District submission was under the category of Cultural Landscape

The National Park’s pitch was based on the continuity of traditional farming and local industry in a spectacular mountain landscape.

The unique Lake District farming system is based on rearing the native Herdwick sheep. It has developed for over 1000 years in response to the upland landscape of fells, lakes, valleys and native woodland. The great beauty of the Lake District comes from the combination of stone walled fields and local farm buildings with a compact and spectacular natural landscape. Both the long duration of our farming culture and the survival to the present day of its distinctive character is considered to be of outstanding universal value.

The social side of Lake District farming is important. It includes:

  • the pattern of family farm tenure
  • the ‘hefted’ grazing system which allows communal shepherding without fences and walls on the largest area of common grazing in Europe
  • the survival of local dialect

Local industries based on the natural resources of the area (wood, rocks and minerals and water power) have also contributed to the unique character of the Lake District.

(Words from The Lake District National Park)

Today, we visited a new farm diversification enterprise – the Lakeland Farm Visitor Centre. This is sited within an authentic Lakeland farm and aims to show visitors why the modern Lakeland farm is so important to the future and sustainability of the area and how historic farming has helped form the beautiful Lakeland countryside.

For more information and opening times, visit www.lakelandfarmvisitorcentre.co.uk

At just over 12 miles – 16 minutes driving time from Joiner’s Mews it is well worth a visit.