Leaf and Deer Peeping in Levens Deer Park

Our very favourite walk is through Levens Deer Park – about one mile from the cottage.  It’s not necessary to walk to the Park, you can drive and park within 50m of the entrance.

From the cottage, turn left towards the church and then turn left. Drive through Leasgill and at the junction with the A6 turn right, pass Levens Hall on your left, cross the river and then turn right. Park on the left hand side. Cross the road and walk back to the bridge. There are entrances to the park on either side of the bridge. (It is possible to turn right leaving the cottage and then right onto the A6 opposite the Heversham Hotel but there is a blind bend and it is not recommended.)

The first entrance you will come to takes you into ‘Hill’ (our name for this side of the river – the reason will become obvious after a couple of hundred meters). The entrance on the far side of the river takes you into ‘Goat’. This side is home to the Levens herd of rare Bagot goats. Both sides of the park are home to the Park’s Black Fallow deer. Quite different from the Fallow deer at Dallam Park which is situated on the other side of Milnthorpe.

It is possible to walk to the end of either side of the park, leave the park, walk (probably – we’ve not measured it) for a mile on roads and return to your car down the other ‘leg’ of the park.

Other wild life we have seen includes lots of grey squirrels, swans, duck, pheasants, heron, and – on one occasion only – the biggest dog fox we’ve ever seen.

The Park is beautiful and at this time of the year the trees are showing glorious autumn colour. Well worth a visit.